Is your farm organic?

No, it's not organic. We have a small area outside of our PYO farm where we're trying out organic apple trees, but for the majority of our farm we follow low-spray & IPM* practices. *Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the management of agricultural and horticultural pests that minimizes the use of chemicals and emphasizes natural and low-toxicity methods (such as the use of crop rotation and beneficial predatory insects). The goal of IPM is not necessarily to eradicate or eliminate pests, but to strengthen and stabilize the landscape (ecosystem) so that conditions are favorable for plants but unfavorable for pests.

Should I wash my produce before I eat it?

Yes. This is always a good practice, no matter where you get your produce from! Please remember you must also pay for all produce before eating it.

Are you pet-friendly?

Unfortunately, no. We love our furry friends and yours, but it is against FEDERAL regulation to allow any pets on our farm, especially near picking fields where they can contaminate our produce that we work very hard to grow. Therefore, please leave your pets at home or we won't be able to let you in.

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